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Budgetline replacement needle, stylus for Dual DN-235, DN-239, Denon, Japan Columbia DP-29. Diamond tip (for 33 and 45 rpm records). this needle is also used for Aristona, erres, Philips GP-780 MK II, Audio-Technica AT-2005, AT-3600-L, AT-3626, AT-3650-L , ATN-2005, ATN-3600-L, ATN-3626, ATN-3650-L , Avnet ATN-3626, BSR ATN-3600-L , Dual DMS-235, DMS-239, DN-235, DN-239, Grundig DN-235, DN-239, Marantz TT-151, Pioneer PN-210, Rotel, Sanyo DN-239, STW-8-J , Schneider DN-239, Sharp DN-239 , Siemens DN-239, Sony ND-155-G.

 ATN91 ATN3600 AN11 PL210 ALE1 PLZ82 N6516 stylus needles

Ricatech elvis  rr1950, RR1968, RR1970


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